When a crisis the size of an extinction level event confronts earth, sometimes saving the day is just too hard for Superman. Enter the Justice League. The league contains a star studded roster including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and AquaMan. The members of the justice League are often beseeched to come to the rescue of planet earth when the world is in balance. We give you a small peak of their powers below

  • Cyborg: Victor Stone had all his vital organs were crushed by a demon and in a bid to save his life, his scientist father was able to use the alien technology he stole from Lex Luther to save his life. He would later become an integral member of teen titans before joining the Justice League using his enhanced body and the alien technology embedded within to combat evil.

  • AquaMan: This is one magic wielding hero. AquaMan is the King of Atlantis an ancient city located in the depths of the ocean. Above land he has incredible strength and he has the unique ability to communicate with all sea life forms. His Trident is his authority and it is so powerful, it can be used to bring Superman down to his knees.

  • Green Lantern: There are thousands of Green Lanterns whose job is to guard against evil. But Hal Jordan stands out amongst the rest. He is the inheritor of Abin Sur's ring and has continued to use his powers to aid the Justice League in their battle against evil.

  • Wonder Woman: She is arguably the strongest female superhero in the DC universe. In her prime she is physically as strong as Superman and as a magical being, she is immune to most forms of magic.

  • Flash: The fastest superhero alive. Even faster than Superman. The flash is blessed with powers such as using his incredible speed to pass through objects and also to move into the future or past. His extreme speed enables him to think at the speed of light and he has been known to hurl lightning at his enemies.

  • Batman: Billionaire business Bruce Wayne is the last member of the Justice League. He uses his incredie wealth and resources to build the latest combat technology including his iconic bat mobile. His power is in his technology and ability to out-think his opponent.

We will be updating this page as more interesting characters pop up!