1. Superman has some freaking weird superpowers we have never even heard of.

We are all aware of the usual superpowers our Man of Steel possess such as heat vision, unlimited strengths, X-ray vision, speed almost as fast as flash, and laser vision, but there are other freaking powers he has that we are yet to see. Have you heard of the Super Flare?

I bet you have not. This is a rarely before seen power where explodes like a detonated nuclear bomb releasing power that is equal to a nuclear warhead. Downside of this power though is the vulnerability attached to it where he has to remain human in order for his cells to recharge and regain all the radiation lost during the explosion. But this also reminds me; if Superman was this radioactive, how is it Lois Lane has not been infected with cancer after all this while? Well, that is a debate for another day.

Other crazy powers wielded by Superman include the ability to duplicate a miniature version of himself to aid him when fighting villains, and he also has other powers which are not widely popular such as telekinesis, the ability to hypnotize people, and kisses that wipe out your memory.

However the most unusual power Superman has is the power he exhibited in the #45 issue released in 1947 where he was able to change shape into an alien due to his ability of controlling his muscles on a molecular level. We cannot wait to see this one in the next DC box office franchise.

  1. The Man of Steel can be cut like butter

We all know Superman is practically indestructible. This is a superhero that can practically touch the sun without being hurt. And when I say hurt, I do not mean green or red kryptonite. Superman is a hero with the strength rivaling the strongest superheros of all time but he is not invisible. Superman is a biological being who, because of his kryptonian heritage, has powers beyond what a normal earth dweller would possess. But he remains a biological being and as such, Superman can be harmed by magical powers. This is the reason why wonder woman 's Lasso of Truth and Aquaman's Trident harms him. So to hurt Superman, you would be right to go learn some voodoo in your arsenal.

  1. Superman was originally created to be Evil.

I am sure not a lot of hard core Superman fans are aware of this fact. Superman as a villain right? Inconceivable you would say. And you'd be right had it not being that the creators of Superman, Jerry and Joe, first conceived the idea of a villain who had a bald head and an iron determination to conquer the world. This story was written under the title "The reign of Superman" and it was centered on a character known as Bill Dunn, who was a hobo who had an ambition for world domination. His path was to change irrevocably when he chances upon Ernest Smalley, a scientist who makes a deal with him to act as a lab rat for his experiments in exchange for food. Hungry Dunn sees no choice but to accept the offer and he subsequently downs a potion that gives him telepathic powers. He later kills the scientist but it so happens the potion was not permanent and he subsequently transforms back into the hobo he once was. Fortunately for us, Jerry and Joe did not continue with this character and later down the road, Superman was born.